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Welcome to Building Inspector Perth WA

Building Inspector Services in Perth

When buying real estate, a common piece of advice is to see the property before making an offer. It makes sense. If you want to ensure you're getting a sound investment, you check it out for yourself. You look at everything, rather than relying on just pictures.

Most people see this literally, but there's another level to the advice. The adage can also mean that you need to hire a building inspector to give you a better "view" of the property before you make an offer.

Trained eyes might see things you don't, or know how to look for things you never even considered. For that purpose, you can't find anyone better than Building Inspector Perth. As the top building inspector WA has to offer, Building Inspector Perth offers an invaluable service. Here is a quick overview of what we can do for you with just one visit:

  • An inspection of the property for flaws, pests, and damage
  • A report on our findings
  • A professional that will answer any questions you have
  • Recommendations on which areas to attend to first

Building Inspector Perth will go to your specified location and do their job. The primary inspection looks for things like water damage, cracks, signs of deterioration, and infestations of pests like termites. While you can do this yourself, hiring an inspector has an advantage you don't: experience.

A building inspector can spot signs of deterioration or damage better than someone without professional training. On top of that, they can also identify small hints that other people might miss. A building inspector from us can not only find, but also assess damage due to water, indications of crumbling structure, damaged foundations, and other signs.

Our experienced inspectors can provide estimates on how extensive the damage is, giving you an idea of what it might cost to fix the problem. At your request, we might even recommend contractors we know to do good work if you don't know anyone who can help.

Our inspectors also conduct preliminary examinations to look for asbestos. A majority of homes built before 1985 are in need of renovation because they use asbestos for insulation. The material is a significant health hazard and requires immediate removal. Our building inspector can look for indications that there is asbestos in your home and identify the extent of the problem.

In case you're still not entirely sure about hiring a building inspector, there are some small benefits that can come into play when you time it correctly. If you get an inspection and the report that comes with it before you start negotiating, you've got great leverage.

For the seller, hiring a building inspector in WA to go over the property can help you get a better price in these ways:

  • Showing that the property is in excellent condition
  • Full disclosure, building confidence at the negotiation table
  • More confidence in your asking price

If you're the buyer, you're not left out either. A building inspector in Perth can also be used to your advantage, giving you a few openings that you can use to get a better price. These are:

  • Identifying problem areas in need of repair or renovation
  • Finding areas that potentially require a reduction in property value
  • A better position to negotiate a discount

Of course, no matter which side of the negotiation table you're on, there's the ever important function of a building inspector. They can identify flaws or areas that are in need of repair or renovation. The inspection looks into every nook and cranny, finding things like pests, water damage, asbestos lining, or even areas that are not up to the standards set by the building code.

For buyers and sellers alike, a building inspection's findings can adjust the price. The more areas need repair or mending, the bigger the discount someone can get. Conversely, the better the condition of the home, the more justified a seller can feel in asking for a high price. Regardless of which side of the negotiation table, you're on; you can learn a lot from hiring Building Inspector Perth.

Would you prefer to walk along with us? We welcome it! Building Inspector Perth has professionals that would appreciate you joining them as they go through the house. They will also answer questions you might have, giving you the information on their impressions and assessments fresh from the source. It's always a good way of supplement the report that you get later on, or better understand what's there.

As a bonus, Building Inspector Perth's professionals can also make recommendations. While they're professional and objective in their work, they can also offer an informed opinion when asked. This advice covers anything from what they might want to work on first to whether or not they'd buy the property that they just inspected. This function is an additional service we provide, adding value to the price you've paid.

Check our sample reports. Different building inspections use different formats for their reports. Ours is designed to give a comprehensive overview of what we've found, but also one that's meant to be easy to understand even without explanation from our building inspector. Ease of use hand in hand with comprehensiveness is our goal.

Every building inspector here knows that we're not only conducting examinations but delivering peace of mind. We make an effort to ensure that we ease what worries we can, and offer wisdom and experience to help reduce what we can't.

Call us now. Check out our contact form. Or just walk into our office, since our office is in an accessible location in the heart of Perth. We've made ourselves easily accessible, so you won't have any problem contacting us to inspect a property for you or with you.

We guarantee that every building inspector from us is professional, competent, and friendly. There are no other options. If you need a building inspector and want reports you can understand and have all the details you need, then Building Inspector Perth is the best choice you can make.

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